Elizabeth's Bio

Elizabeth is a fitness expert, health coach and certified personal trainer who specializes in holistic health. She is a fitness writer for Sunwarrior and works as a marketing director for a health and fitness chain, Bailey's Health & Fitness, in Northeast Florida and South Georgia. She is a melanoma cancer survivor who regained her health through nutrition & lifestyle alone and her passion is helping others regain their health & fitness potential while achieving their goals in all genres of fitness. 
Elizabeth graduated from Purdue University in 2013 with a degree in Public & Media Relations with a minor in Health & Nutrition. She is also a nationally ranked athlete with the NPC for the bikini fitness model category and has been featured in a wide variety of health and fitness publications sharing her journey through fitness after regaining her health after melanoma. 
Since 2012, Elizabeth has been helping girls nationwide reach their goals through fitness and plantbased nutrition. Not only does she specialize in reducing fat and gaining strength, but she assists her clients in limiting disease & inflammation through the power of food, as they adopt life long healthy habits.
Elizabeth advocates a plant based diet and works as a writer with an organic, superfood company, Sunwarrior, sharing her knowledge of plant based nutrition and health. She resides in Florida, with her husband who is currently in the US NAVY and is a proud mother to a beautiful german shepard. She is honored to have the ability to share her love for health with others after overcomming her personal challenges and her clients' success is her success. Get real results and take over your life today.  
"I am honored to work with you and will be your biggest supporter and friend in your journey! YOU are the best project you will ever work on!" - Elizabeth  



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